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Engine Cover F1 Williams FW22

Engine Cover F1 Williams FW22

The FW22 is the first Williams car to benefit from the alliance with BMW. It is also branded in different colours and displays several new sponsors. After losing official Renault engines at the end of 1997, the team struggled to stay on top with the Mecachrome and Supertec engines. Its new partnership with BMW meant the team had more resources to put into developing the car.

However, 2000 was to be a learning year despite intensive engine testing by BMW in 1999. While it proved decent enough, the engine was longer and heavier than the Supertec of 1999. Hence, the car's wheelbase was extended by 7 cm while the sidepods were made higher to provide the BMW engine with enough cooling. The latter compromised aerodynamic gains which the team tried to compensate with additional winglets ahead of the rear wheels. In Hungary, they even used a "top wing" on the airbox.