Legends - Lauda Ferrari 312T2 140x35cm Framed black

"Every car can become alegend"

Old legends revive with the art of AfterTheRace. Designs and stripings of legendary cars and races are brought back to life in a unique and detailed way. The works of art deserve a prominent place ineveryone's living room, study or office.

This artwork is made in honor of Niki Lauda and his Ferrari312T2.

The mid-70s were Niki Lauda's most successful years. In 1975 he won his first world championship with Ferrari and in 1976 he seemed well on the way to adding a second. His accident at the Nurburgring in 1976 shocked the autosport world and caused him to miss several races. However, he fought his way back to in to fight for the championship in the last races. After a gruelling race on the circuit of Fuji he had to acknowledge his superiority in James Hunt.


AFTER Therace is a duo born out of true friendship. A friendship between jean -Denis Claessens and Edmond Thonnard (aka Pogo ). jean -Denis is a graphic designer, skilled entrepreneur and from childhood, fond of cars. Pogo is a versatile painter and artist, with a great experience inof street-art.

These two Belgians are proud to make this unique product together. The techniques they apply are innovative, daring and sometime a bit quirky.


  • These works of art are made from aluminium
  • Each work is handmade and has an individual design with a unique look and feel
  • His authentic 'patina' is realized by a combination of different operations and techniques.
  • Each work of art is a unique piece, a masterpiece signed by the artist
  • Materials used: iron-varnish, oil, rubber of the race tyres, and other ingredients
  • The work can be sold separately or ina custom-made baking list.
  • Dimensions: 140 x 35cm

Custom made:

  • The wishes of each customer are different. In order to guarantee complete customization, the artwork is only started after extensive consultation between jean -Denis and the customer.
  • By this method the delivery time is 3-6 weeks