Sidepod Panel with Aero F1 Williams FW24

Sidepod Panel with Aero Williams FW24

The Williams FW24 was the Formula One car with which the Williams team competed in the 2002 Formula One World Championship.The car was closely based on the previous year's FW23, and powered by a development of the ultra-powerful BMW engine from 2001. It was driven by German Ralf Schumacher and Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, in their fourth and second seasons with the team respectively.

The 2002 Williams FW24 was again an evolution of the previous year's FW23, which was quick, and delivered a string of strong results including four wins, but suffered from poor reliability. With the FW24, Williams sought to capitalise on the speed and performance, whilst improving the car's reliability which they hoped would give them a chance at their first world title since 1997.