Stilo Trophy Des Jet helmet

The Stilo Trophy DES Jet is a high-quality open helmet. This Kelvar/Fiberglass composite helmet with the latest Snell classification and FIA homologation is primarily aimed at Rally and Autocross riders.

The Trophy DES Jet has a number of additional options, such as a high quality flip-up visor that complements the adjustable peak already fitted.

The Trophy DES Jet also uses EPS cheek pads along with the ear pads, providing the best safety for side impacts without sacrificing the functionality of the ear pads that help the helmet fit.

This helmet does not have HANS clips, these must be ordered separately.

Features and Specifications Made in fiberglass Kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber) Snell SA 2015 FIA 8859-2015 Optionally available: fold-out visor